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Should you feel as though you've accidentally walked through the looking glass as you attempt to go about your business, you're under no obligation to buy into anybody's weird reality, twisted logic or Tweedle-Dum-and Tweedle-Dee-like behavior, nor fault yourself for not understanding it. In fact, these planets are secretly hoping that somebody, somewhere, will stop what they're doing long enough to realize they're deep into the rabbit hole.

Your Birthday

Information coming to the fore regarding professional endeavors or social advancement is neither accident nor coincidence. So, despite the pull of old habits, try not to disregard red flags (or loud sirens) to keep the peace. There's absolutely a way for you to benefit or profit from these data, as long as you aren't doing the old "avert your eyes, bury your head in the sand" routine.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
You may be aching to practice selective analysis, or cross your fingers and simply hope that a situation will cure itself - but should you? After all, with ambivalent Neptune assaulting the Sun, you could either blow right past something truly important or try to fix something that ain't broke - neither of which would make much sense.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Before striking your deal, deploying your resources, or signing on the dotted line, give some extra thought to the long-term consequences. The Sun is arguing with foggy Neptune, and consequently there's a real possibility that what you think you're agreeing to and what the other party thinks you're agreeing to could have, uh, less in common than you think.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
You know you're wrangling fallout from the Sun-Neptune clash if a vocational or public matter is taking a turn for the weird, or you can't seem to get a straightforward answer. Take a short break. Despite the image that others are trying to project, the right hand does not have a clue where the left hand is, let alone what it's doing.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
"Say what?? Oh no she didn't...." You might want to call a 36-hour time out on taking anything literally, accepting "facts" at face value, or believing what you're hearing (or even what you're seeing). With the Sun and Neptune annoyed at each other, getting a grip on the actual reality of a situation could be quite the challenge.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Given the discord between Boss Sun and Neptune, it may be harder than usual to discern the benefits of shared arrangements or propositions. Still, you're encouraged to pay no mind to people's fits, starts, or weird decisions, mostly because in a couple days you're scheduled to discover that these don't amount to the proverbial hill of beans.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Sun is snarking at elusive Neptune, which could make it challenging to find the middle ground - or the truth - in a relationship or career dispute. FYI: Should you get drawn into such a discussion, you'll do better to forgive and forget, rather than deciding to ruminate on it until the sun runs out of fuel.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Since the Sun is taking a swipe at nebulous Neptune, whatever conclusions you reach today now are unlikely to have a ton of relevance by tomorrow. Thus, this isn't the moment to sink into a funk and brood on the topic "but what will become of me and my [romantic, diet, health, business] issue...?"


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Be particularly focused on the details of shared ventures. Plus, if you feel dubious about somebody's participation, or the quality of their support, you probably shouldn't tune out your suspicions - although trying to have a coherent discussion with them today under this Sun-Neptune altercation probably isn't your wisest tactic.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
If the topic has any weight whatsoever, decline the invitation to state your view - even if you are solicited - or begged! - for your opinion. The Sun is slashing Neptune, the planet of illusion, and the likelihood of changing your mind within minutes of going on the record for posterity shouldn't be, ahem, underrated.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Should you find that business, health or emotional arrangements are suddenly looking like an unholy mess, ascribe it to the Neptune-Sun argument, and decline to get involved in trying to make it better. At present, everybody's needs (okay, demands) are changing rapidly, and they may not be appropriately grateful for your assistance.


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Of course you want to believe what you're being told - you have a lot invested in it, or there's something important riding on it. Nevertheless, if there might be a gulf the approximate size of the Horsehead Nebula between what you're seeing and what you're being assured is the truth, you're strongly encouraged to query, probe, investigate ...


Thursday, June 20, 2024
Even if your nearest and dearest are urging you to pay no attention to the activity backstage, or close your eyes and leave them closed until they give the all-clear, you should probably disregard their "helpful" guidance. Per this clash between the Sun and your ruler Neptune, what is and what isn't real is anybody's guess.