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Robin Hood Radio is operated by Tri-State Public Communications, Inc.

Robin Hood Radio is the ONLY daily media exclusively covering our local area on a day-to-day basis with local news, local announcements, local interviews, and local show hosts as well! Over the years we have expanded with new stations to cover our entire area! WBSL FM in Sheffield MA, WLHV FM Annandale on-Hudson NY, WHDD FM 97.5 serving Kent CT and Dover NY. (The Robin Hood Radio Network). 

Mission statement: 

To provide local broadcast programming, news, entertainment and information to our Tri-State region on Robin Hood Radio.

To provide training and work experience to future broadcasters at our local cable access facility CATV 6 and CATV 252 in North Canaan, CT

To provide programming for our significant minority community with on-air radio shows broadcast in their own language, teaming with La Voz, Bard College and La Vista.

Tri-State Public Communications Community Board Members: Amy Schuchat, Barclay Prindle, Shirley Cannon, John Matthews and Dave McMillian, Marshall Miles, Jill Goodman

Tri-State Board meeting: 2021 Sunday December 12 at 12 Noon

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